Thursday, October 6, 2011

Training 9/25 - 10/1

In the interest of not falling further behind...

Onto the numbers...

9/25, Sunday: 8.5 total, 65 Roses 5k. I still don't know what I was thinking, but not complaining about the result.

9/26, Monday: 6.25 - 57:12, Commons w/ D. Real easy recovery run. Nice to get out with the missus. No ill effects from the 5k.

9/27, Tuesday: 18.5 - 3:00:35, Topsham & Cathance Trails. With the MDI Marathon on the horizon, I should have done a longish road run, but I couldn't really stomach the thought. The trails were too much of a pull. Plus, I took this opportunity to explore some new to me trails, which did not disappoint. And, really, this run was just about getting it done on some tired legs. They were very tired. My energy was never bad, though, so that's a good sign. It was warmer than I expected out, and one handheld didn't get it done. I had to stop at the Cathance River Ecology Center where the caretaker was nice enough to let me fill up. She even gave me a tour of the facility, too.

9/28, Wednesday: Off

9/29, Thursday: 5 - 40:59, Highland Green. Not sure if it was the misty, windy conditions, general malaise or tired legs, but I felt pretty off and crappy. Things got a bit better by the end, but not much. It didn't help that I barely had time to squeeze this 40 minutes in, when I had hoped to do a speed workout. I was hoping for 3 x 2 mile, but it wasn't happening. All this led to me being in a generally foul mood.

9/30, Friday: 7 - 49:49, Stratton Road, Williamstown. We headed west for the memorial service for D's grandmother, and I was able to get in a run shortly after we arrived but before a family dinner. I wasn't expecting much after a 5+ hour car ride but held out hope for a decent loop. I was warned it was hilly, and they weren't kidding. However, I felt really, really good, so after two miles I decided to make the next 5 a tempo run. Ended up averaging about 6:45-6:50 for those miles and was holding myself back a bit. Really pleasant surprise.

10/1, Saturday: 4.5 - 44:53, Clark Trails, Williamstown. Still in Williamstown and still hilly. D and I snuck out first thing in the morning in a steady rain to explore the trails behind the Clark Art Museum. Since we were short on time, we didn't explore beyond the main system, which has a couple old logging roads connected to it, which looked very tempting for a long journey. We sloshed up and down neither of us feeling particularly frisky due to the weather and the early hour. Good run, though, and a small system I'd definitely recommend.

Totals: 49.75
Trail: 29.25
Road: 20.5

A great week on tired legs. Nice to follow up last week's big number with a 50-mile (close enough) week. I ended up averaging 54 miles per week in September, which should give me a strong base. Two taper weeks for MDI now. Still hoping to find a little speed for the marathon, but it's mostly out of my hands now.

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