Saturday, May 14, 2011

Training 5/8 - 5/14


Onto the numbers...

5/8, Sunday: 18 - 2:42:24, Pineland. Kicked the week off right with a great run at Pineland. Goal was 18, but it was really a first test to see which race, if any, I'll be doing Memorial Day Weekend. Ran Oak Hill first, then the larger, lower loop (interrupted by a return to the car to drop a broken and leaking water bottle), then Oak Hill again. Averaged 9:10's or so for the first 13+, then pushed it down to around 8:30's for the final circuit of Oak Hill to simulate how I hope to finish a race. (Something I've never done at Pineland as that final trip around Oak Hill has always been a death march, regardless of distance.) Overall, the run went great, and I had plenty left in the tank by the end. Although, had you asked me how I was doing at 11 or 12, I wouldn't have had anything good to say. Something turned completely around as I was climbing up the Campus Loop to complete the large loop, and I felt terrific the rest of the way. Normally, I'd never chose to run at Pineland as I much prefer the singletrack of Bradbury or the Cathance River trails, but, mentally, it was necessary to attempt to get myself ready...for something...maybe...

5/9, Monday: 5 - 45:04, Homeplace Loop. Easy, recovery jaunt. Legs felt pretty good, but I was hungry and low on energy.

5/10, Tuesday: 8 - 1:09:38, 16x Mt. Ararat. Awesome to get back to my up and down circuits of Mt. Ararat. Even though it's only a bump, I did get about 1000' of vertical total, an average of 130' per mile, and a great strength workout. Legs felt good again, which is an awesome sign. Not sure how many laps I can mentally push this loop to, but it'll be fun to find out as the year goes on.

5/11, Wednesday: Off

5/12, Thursday: 9.25 total, 3.75-mile race, Great Glen Trails Spring Series. Eight-week, annual Spring Series started up, and I was looking forward to a little speed work. Although speed on these trails is hard to come by with a fair bit of climbing and singletrack. (Although, less singletrack than I would like on this year's course.) Pushed hard, but it was evident that I have done zero speed work as my turnover was closer to a danish than anything zippy. Final time was 26:48 (7:14 avg), which was a touch disappointing. Admittedly, my ribs were pretty sore from breathing so heavily. Running easy is one thing, but trying to pull in a ton of oxygen hurts like a mutha. Ran the course as a warm up, and tacked on 2.75 for a cool down.

5/13, Friday: 5 - 39:36, Highland Green. Easy spin through the neighborhood. Legs felt fairly springy, although I could tell the previous day's effort left a little junk in them.

5/14, Saturday: 5 - 43:05, Homeplace Loop. Pretty uneventful run, which is fine, but I felt a bit disinterested. One of those days.

Miles: 50.25
Trail: 45.25
Road: 5

Stoked to be able to jump to fiddy miles so comfortably—plus, not a lot of easy miles in that mix. Sort of went after it this week to see how the body would handle it, and I'm pleased with the result. How will this translate to racing? Not sure yet. One final test coming on Monday—long run at The Brad—and then I'll make my decision on Pineland. Really, though, 6 weeks post-rib fractures, I can't complain. I never thought I'd be back to this state so quickly and had written off any racing until the Bradbury Scuffle in July. (Registration now open!) So, I'm pretty stoked to even have this decision to make. Really shows that my training at the beginning of the year was solid.


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