Sunday, March 20, 2011

Training 3/13 - 3/19

Taper madness.

Onto the numbers...

3/13, Sunday: 9.5 total. Granite State Snowshoe Championship.

3/14, Monday: 3 - 23:53, Patriot Commons. Legs felt good. Took it very easy. This loop is boring.

3/15, Tuesday: Off

3/16, Wednesday: 8 - 1:08:13, Highland Green dirt roads. As the seasons transition, it's tricky to find trail runs that aren't fraught with ankle-wrenching postholes, which at this point in my training, I'd really like to avoid. However, the plowed dirt roads/construction roads around Highland Green are in great shape, so I just ran up and back on them until I got 8 miles. Throw in the wind, rain and generally foul weather, this run was all about head down, get the miles in and call it a day. Mission accomplished.

3/17, Thursday: Off

3/18, Friday: 5.25 - 41:00, Highland Green +. Now that I'm intimately acquainted with all the dirt roads in Highland Green, I added a piece on these roads to the normal loop. Nice addition that alleviates the need for an unnecessary road piece at the beginning. This will become the regular loop. Run felt great, and I was holding myself back. Itching to go. Of note: snowshoe season is over, so I am allowed to run in shorts, and this was the first run of the year in shorts! Pasty.

3/19, Saturday: 5 - 41:36, Highland Green. Same loop. Totally different conditions. About an inch of wet snow had and was falling. Windy, too. So, instead of shorts, it was tights and a rain shell. Preferred Friday's weather.

Totals: 30.75
Trail: 14.25
Road: 16.5

Tapering is no fun at all. Necessary evil, but I feel really off on all my runs—snappy, but strange. I'm not sleeping well either...well, it's impossible to fall asleep. "Hello, ceiling." The good news: only a week to go. I'm obsessively looking at the long-range forecasts for Lake Waccamaw, NC. We fly on Wednesday. Biggest challenge of the trip: Gator Trail 50k or flying with the kiddo? Push.


Jamie said...

Less than a week until game time. The field mouse is fast, but the owl sees at night....

pathfinder said...

I would rather run the toughest hell course than fly.....I have grown to hate airports...even without kids