Sunday, February 20, 2011

Training 2/13 - 2/19

Taking a step back week last week was definitely the right call as the legs felt fairly springy this week. And, with what I put them through, they needed it: a snowshoe race, a snappy road run and a marathon. It all added up to...

Onto the numbers...

Sunday, 2/13: 8 total. Bradbury White Out.

Monday, 2/14: 5 - 46:52, Topsham Snowmobile Trails to Lover's Lane. Real easy recovery run. Trails were fairly soft, adding to the feeling in my legs that I had raced the previous day. My left calf was still a bit tight.

Tuesday, 2/15: 5.75 total, 3k snowshoe "race." Another week at Nordic Meisters in which I didn't go all out. I may have gone a little harder than necessary, but I felt pretty good. The conditions were firm, but I was surprised to go 19:05 on the 3k course. 2.75 warm up around the Aqueduct Loop again, and shorter 1 mile cool down. Although, the paces of the three pieces didn't vary by much. Overall, I'd say I felt better than I expected to, and my calf wasn't an issue at all.

Wednesday, 2/16: Off

Thursday, 2/17: 11.25 - 1:27:06, Meadow Cross + River Roads. I wanted to do something a bit up tempo, but not...well...a tempo. I have to admit that the 7:45 average felt really easy, even though it was probably a bit quicker than necessary. Oh well, I felt good, so I just rolled with it. This run has a few hills in it, too, so it was a good confidence booster.

Friday, 2/18: 5 - 47:32, Topsham Snowmobile Trails to Lover's Lane. D and I had a rare schedule sync up, so we headed out after she dropped the kiddo off at daycare. I felt a bit sluggish, no doubt from the previous day's effort, but we kept the pace really easy. Good to have the opportunity to run together.

Saturday, 2/19: 26.5 - 4:21:17, February Fat Ass. Is it normal to get together with friends and run for hours on packed, semi-packed and terrifyingly postholed snowmobile trails on a really windy day? Probably not, but if you're reading this, there's a good chance you would find it not that unusual. Our hosts, Valerie and Linda, opened their homes and nearby trails to us for an awesome day. My plan was to get at least 20, hopefully 25, and maybe all 31. The course was 5.28ish miles long and 5 laps was plenty. I never felt 100% during the run, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It was good to get through a run like this without ever feeling great. Complete opposite of the trail marathon I ran in January at the GAC Fat Ass. However, just like the GAC Fat Ass, I ran practically every step with Jamie, and he really helped pull me through the last few miles. We pretty much hit on every topic imaginable, most not fit for print. Good times.

Miles: 61.5
Trail: 50.25
Road: 11.25

My second marathon of 2011 and my second week over 60 miles. Two more hard weeks, assuming I feel OK after Saturday, and then it's taper time. Getting down to it. I'm hoping to get over 50 this week, but it's all going to be based on how I feel.


Jamie said...

You beat me in weekly mileage by 2/10's of a mile. Damn you, Triffitt.

sn0m8n said...

It was all the extra movement I put in at the aid station.

vja said...

where's the damn "like" button!