Sunday, July 25, 2010

Training Week 7/18 - 7/24

In short, this week did not go as I had planned. I was forced to take three days off due to an injury of sorts. It wasn't pretty. If you're the least bit squeamish, do not read the rest of this post...especially, if you're a guy. Seriously, don't read this. OK, I warned you.

Onto the numbers...

7/18, Sunday: 5 - 46:57, Homeplace Loop. Another warm and humid day, but I felt good (except for one area). Much better than the previous day.

7/19, Monday: Off
7/20, Tuesday: Off
7/21, Wednesday: Off

Why the three days off? Let's call it: debilitating dermatological distress of the undercarriage. Some might call this jock itch. In a matter of two days, I went from "Hmmm...perhaps I should sprinkle a little Gold Bond on that" to barely able to walk. After my long run last Friday, I noticed a little redness. On Saturday, there was more redness. I went with a different running shorts configuration on my Sunday run, but by Sunday night my crotch was medium rare: pink and bloody. Not good times. First thing Monday morning, I obtained special soap and cream. With this combo, each day things have gotten progressively less red, less itchy, less painful. I've decided at some point this will be funny. Not there yet. In a related story, I hate summer.

7/22, Thursday: 5 - 46:00, Homeplace Loop. A medical professional would have told me to take more time off, but I was absolutely freaking out. My man zone felt not that great, and by the end I had to focus on not altering my stride and risk tweaking something. The body also felt just off and if I had taken three days off. Best part about the run was a new pair of shoes.

7/23, Friday: 6.75 - 1:00:33, Part of the 24 Hours of Great Glen course at Great Glen Trails. Everything felt much better today. Very encouraging. Plus, the temperature was below 70°...Brrrrrr. This is a good, hilly route, and physically, I felt good enough to run more, but didn't want to push the crotch.

7/24, Saturday: 4.5 - 39:28, Mt. Ararat High School Loops x 3. I was on daddy duty for the day, so Sam and I went for a run together. Skies were looking threatening, so I didn't want to drive to the bike path only to have my child trapped out in the rain. With the loops from home, I could get us indoors fairly quickly if necessary. I had planned on at least a fourth loop, but when I came around the front of the BOB to check on her she squirmed and screamed, "Get me outta here!!!" So, home we went. She seemed pleased with that decision.

Miles: 21.25
Trail: 16.75
Road: 4.5

I managed to salvage something from this week, but it wasn't what I wanted/needed. It's a pretty dumb reason to miss time, but there's nothing I can do about it. Things are healing, and I'm planning/hoping to get back to normal this week.

In other news, the Tour de France is over. This bums me out. I'm a total Tour junkie.

For obvious reasons.

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Jamie said...

Jock itch... yikes. Not surprising given all this heat and humidity, plus the way running shorts are constructed. Glad the week ended fairly well.