Sunday, June 27, 2010

Training Week 6/20 - 6/26

I haven't written a training post in three weeks because, frankly, the last three weeks have been crap, crap and more crap. Not a lot to prattle on about besides cracked ribs, sinus infections, a sick child and other excuses. However, this week marked the return, and it went very well.

Onto the numbers:

6/20, Sunday: 0 - I did manage to mope quite a bit, however, after missing Mt. Washington. In reality, I wanted one more day for the sinus infection to clear out.

6/21, Monday: 5 - 41:57, Highland Green Loop. Despite taking a full week off, having been sick and the fact that it was a fairly warm day, I felt pretty good. A little creaky in the hamstring department, but I'll take it.

6/22, Tuesday: 5 - 44:36, Homeplace Loop. Another warm day, but all went well. My upper body felt a bit sore and tired: shoulders, arms, core. Gee, I wonder if even a hint of strength training would help? (See, epiphany #1.)

6/23, Wednesday: 6.25 - 1:00:57, Granite State Snowshoe Champs course at Great Glen Trails. Another good one: that's three for three. This loop is a lot of fun and will no doubt become a staple.

6/24, Thursday: 7.5 total, Great Glen Trails Spring Trail Running Series: 3.7 - 28:33; 2.25 warmup/1.5 cooldown. I felt exactly how I expected to feel: not sharp and a bit tired. The lack of sharpness would be the aforementioned three weeks of crap, and the tired would be the hilliness of Tuesday and Wednesday's runs. That being said, I'll take it.

6/25, Friday: 5.5 - 48:38, Complete random loop. Left the house looking for hills and 5 miles. I started with a climb up Mt. Ararat, then a lap on the Heath Trail, down Tedford Road and back on the powerlines. This probably won't become a regular loop, but it was good recon for building a longer loop. I had never run that particular piece of Tedford Road (all dirt), either, so it was nice to connect the dots. Because of the scouting nature of this trip, I wore the Garmin, but I was disappointed with the numbers, specifically the elevation. I felt like this was a fairly hilly run, but the Garmin data makes it look flat. Can I get a couple opinions on the hill factor of this run? Here's the data:

6/26, Saturday: Off

Totals: 29.25
Trail: 24.25
Road: 5

I'm classifying that as a very good comeback week. Kept the pace easy, except for Thursday, and felt good on each run. All positive steps.

I had many, many other deep thoughts and musings I was going to post, but I've forgotten them. If I could only blog while I ran. I will say this: the plan is to build and roughly follow the Walker method. (Or else, he'll send me to my room.) Additionally, plans are beginning to germinate for the fall...and beyond.

One final note: HOLY CRAP Western States was JACKED this year!!!! Watched Roes and Krupicka finish last night and bunch of the "regular folk" finish today. Awesome, awesome stuff.


OK, so I cheated. Not retro. But, it's a groovy video, and I can't get that flippin' song out of my head. Plus, the facial hair work at the end is stellar.


middle.professor said...

The craig cup course, which I think of as hilly, has only +170/-170 feet in 3.1 miles so your course is hillier than that. The distribution of hills matter. Roller coaster courses always seem hillier and I think are overall a better workout than a course with one big up and down.

middle.professor said...

I thought that was a "colors of Benneton" commercial

sn0m8n said...

I just expected more than 300 and change for those 5.5 miles. I consider the trails around here somewhat hilly, but that led me to believe they are not hilly at all. Totally bummed me out, and further highlighted my wussiness.

My original plan was to post an ad for Hypercolor.